Equipment Fee Waivers & Fuel Charges

Simple Rental Rates, No-Hidden Fees

At Taylor's Rental Center, we like to keep pricing simple. That's why we don't charge a damage waiver fee like many of our competitors. They may quote a lower rate, but many times there is a mandatory damage waiver fee charged. This creates the illusion of a lower overall price, but you actually end up paying more in than you originally planned. We take the frustration and guess work out of rental quotes. When you get a quote for a rental rate from us it is just that. No hidden damage waiver fee.
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Fuel Charges

Many rental stores charge for equipment fuel on all gasoline or diesel powered equipment rentals. At Taylor's Rental Center, most of our small equipment includes the first tank of fuel. While we do charge a fee on some of our larger equipment, it is designed mostly to simply cover our cost of fuel. If the equipment does bill a fuel charge and is returned to us full, we waive the fuel charge. This way you will always get the best value for your rental dollar.

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Taylor's Rental Center offers the most competitive rates for our rental equipment in the Lakewood, CO area. For more information, come and see us at our store, or give us a call here at 303-988-0973.